Recycling plays a major part in the company's operation and with constant enhancing and modification to existing practices we are improving our methods of segregation in our waste stream all the time.

We have our own recycling system on site, which screens and separates the rubbish. The rubbish is then put through a manned picking station where hardcore, wood, cardboard and metal is removed for recycling.

We have upgraded the equipment in the transfer hall, which improves the recycling operation. in 2003 we recycled, on average, 30% of our total waste stream, which we felt was a good target to maintain and improve on. After making further improvements to our operation we currently recycle around 95%.

Recycled Materials/Products


Biomass Fuel/Mulch/MDF/Chipboard/Landscaping


Landscaping/Landfill Cover


6F2 Fill (Crushed Hardcore) Tracks/Roadways/Car Parks

Green Waste

Compost/Soil Blending Landscaping

Cardboard & Paper



Manufacture of Steel and Exported world wide


Any size